Special Thanks

Rishi Modi – My Landmark SELP Leader

Shraddha Jape – My SELP Coach

Lina Shah – for supporting me in every walk of my life

Shital Shah – for your contribution for the content of the website and her inputs.

Parag Gogari – For being a support. For his multi-level contribution for the website, FB page

Mitali Oza & Chetan Joshi – for the wonderful creatives on my facebook page & website creatives

Sadanand Mayekar – for the website

Rishiraj Shetty, Chandrakant Shewale, Neeta Panchasara and all my friends at SELP – a Big thank to you

When you complete the fafsa, you designate the recipient school by https://domyhomework.guru/ using a 6-digit code number specific to the school.